Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Give us your name and phone number. We will contact you directly to discuss your fire sprinkler system and give you the best price for the best service in Knoxville.

    Keeping your fire protection sprinkler system up to date requires periodic inspections. When you trust Precision Fire Protection with your sprinkler system, you can rest easy knowing that your inspections are done to the highest quality and standards available.
    Our skilled designers and technicians will help make sure your new fire protection sprinkler system is completed correctly and on time. As industry experts we know how to take your project and make it a great success.
    As your fire sprinkler system ages it is not uncommon to develop issues. In order to keep your building and occupants safe Precision Fire Protection is available 24/7 to make repairs to your fire sprinkler system as quickly as possible and we will make every effort to identify any future problem areas.

    Precision Fire Protection Services

    For nearly 20 years, we have been servicing fire protection sprinkler systems as a fire sprinkler contractor in Knoxville and East Tennessee. We pride ourselves in providing prompt and efficient service that extends beyond just showing up for the job. When you call for service or repairs, we make it happen to your satisfaction, and then we follow up with routine inspections. Our customers know that we care.

    Our fire protection services include:

    • Fire Sprinkler system Inspections
    • Fire Sprinkler system Repairs
    • New Fire Sprinkler system installations

    Our customers feel confident knowing their fire protection system is protecting their facility and keeping their occupants safe. They trust our attention to detail and our ability to fulfill project goals. And they never worry, because they know that Precision Fire Protection is always available to handle their needs.

    Fire Sprinkler System Inspections

    Wet, Dry, Preaction, Deluge, and Fire Pump Systems

    Our inspection process is fast and efficient. We will check your entire system and provide detailed notes on any areas that fail to pass national fire codes

    Sprinkler System Service and Repair

    Leaks and other damage are no problem. We will come to your facility and give you a free estimate on repairing your system and putting it back in service.

    In Knoxville TN

    We service East Tennessee out of our Knoxville office located at:

    7328 Oak Ridge Hwy
    Knoxville, TN 37931


    Our trained professionals will come to your location and discuss your specific site needs and provide a free quote for wet or dry fire protection systems.